My current research on temporal patterns has led to trying to  find seasonal patterns inside laminated sediments. We are trying to see if there are chemical clues in the sediments that could tell us what time of year a sediment layer was deposited. We may also be able to improve our estimate of the year of creation of the seismite.

To the right is a stabilized sediment sample about to be analyzed using micro XRF (X Ray Fluorescence).

mico XRF  allows us to map patterns of deposition of minute quantities of chemical elements such as Iron, Manganese, Silicon, or Magnesium which may reveal seasonal patterns inside the sediments.

more to be added later ……

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  1. I strongly beleive you will find it was spring.The time of passover.

  2. Ron said:

    Excellent blog, thanks Mr. Williams. Who would have thought Geological studies of seismic layers could be so interesting…bravo!
    You may want to darken the lettering below some of the photos, as in ‘grey’ they are hard to make out. Thanks.

  3. Genzadela Lopez said:

    Thanks for sharing such impressive studies. This has increased my interest in learning more about material related to the Shroud of Turin. Regards,

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