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Brock, S.B. (1979). "Syriac Historical Writing: A Survey of the Main Sources." Journal of the Iraqi Academy, Syriac Corporation 5.

Brock, S.B. (1976). "Syriac Sources for Seventh-Century History." Byzantine and modern Greek studies 2.

Neville, L. (2018). Guide to Byzantine Historical Writing. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. This handy reference guide makes it easier to access and understand histories written in Greek between 600 and 1480 CE.. N

syri.ac - An annotated bibliography of Syriac resources online

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Byzantine Reading Group - Univ. of Melbourne - this group is working on an English translation of Cedrenus

Roger Pearse

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archive.org - books

Patroligia Latina online (Roger Pearse)

Jacques Paul Migne. Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Series Latina.

Documenta Catolica Omnia

Patroligia Graeca online (Roger Pearse)

Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae online (Roger Pearse)

Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae online (Les Cigales éloquentes)


Downey, G. (1938). "Seleucid Chronology in Malalas." American Journal of Archaeology 42(1): 106-120.

Downey, G. (1963). Ancient Antioch, Princeton University Press.

Glanville Downey, A. (1961). History of Antioch in Syria from Seleucus to the Arab Conquest, Princeton Univ. Press, New Jersey, Princeton.

Grumel, V. (1958). La chronologie, Presses Universitaires de France.. G

Grumel, V. (1934). L Annee du Monde dans la Chronographie de Theophane. Echos d Orient 33: 396 - 408.

Other works by Vernace Grumel


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www.persee.fr - Arts (History of art, Architecture)

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