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W3 schools

How To: Embed an editable Google Docs Sheet

Google Apps Script

Adobe's Color Wheel

The Oracle of the Internet

Beginners Guide to Responsive Web Design

Experiment in Site Redesign


google fonts

font squirrel

Syriac font for Windows

Javascript and jQuery

Alan Simpson's Javascript Coding Examples

Defining and updating JavaScript variables in different scopes

Javascript Cheat Sheet

Best JavaScript Data Grids and Spreadsheets

Changing CSS styles with Javascript

Javascript Function Reference



W3 schools - plotly


How to plot two plots in the same figure in plotly.js

Plotly Event Handlers

File Conversion

Good online djvu to pdf converter

epub to pdf


ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

ArcGIS API for JavaScript

ArcGIS Dashboards

Introducing ArcGIS API 4 for JavaScript.. J

ArcGIS Web Development.. W